From readers to writers, our mission and our future

I am often asked, "What kind of business does your company do? This is a very difficult question to answer in a few words. This is a very difficult question to answer in a few words. This is because I am looking at the future, at least 30 years from now.

I can only see a future beyond 2045, where we create new value and our name will be there in the world. However, this is not an explanation of our business. Therefore, I will start talking about it a little at a time.

Xrosriver is a company that aims to grow like a river flowing with people and then flowing into a big ocean. Therefore, we will not stop at a single service or expand into unrelated business areas such as eel farming.

We have only one thing to do. We are a company that "gives shape to people's desire to create!". We are a company that will help you realize the creative spirit that lies within you. Of course, we at Xrosriver are among those people, so we will provide content that will serve as an example.


The image is that of an NES. Create a place, create example software for people to play in the place, and brand the characters there. Think of it as a fusion of technology and community, where we can help you brand yourself by branding ourselves.

The first of these is "StoryAI". What's the point of technology in web services and applications? However, what we are trying to do is to derive "the line of human thought" that has not been visualized so far, and this is possible because of one technology.

Up until now, I think many people on the platformer side have argued that creation is a human power, and that the business side should be a place where people can work freely. I think that's correct, and it would have been fine if people were actually able to do that.

However, the mass production of dead-copy, scaled-down content and, to top it all off, the question of who the heck the content or media platform is for, for the sake of steaming and Google SearchHack, has emerged.

The reason why this keeps happening is because it is not obvious. They don't read it, so they take the easy way out. The greatness of creators is that they create something out of nothing and continue to expose it to the public.

It takes a lot of courage to do that. But the people in the process need to have the courage to be up. StoryAI makes up for that, and that is the mission of us at Xrosriver. However, is that really enough? It is not.

With the above functions, it is just a tool. What's needed is a place where creators can connect with their fans and would-be fans, and where they can get proper evaluation and feedback.

We essentially need a place where we can critique each other harshly, while respecting each other, and never getting used to each other, and never abusing each other. Proper criticism and critique are important facts that can lead to debate.

However, the fact is that we are only able to either praise or abuse because we have not learned this in our school education. It is not essential to not appreciate creativity and devalue it for delivery or package omissions.

It is not a matter of evaluating the content, but of the logistics providers and distributors, and it will be the responsibility of the platformers in the future to educate such viewers and players rather than lamenting their lack of literacy. It is easy to say that school is bad or society is bad.

But is there really nothing we can do? I don't think so. Even if it is small, we can surely create a big swell. I feel that it is the role of Xrosriver to do so.

At the very least, if we can't do that, we won't be able to improve the current mass production of adults who, like small children, can only choose between affirmation and denial. At the very least, highly trained children will have the ability to make an argument as to why something is good. It's the same whether it's sports, art, or literature.

Based on the above, here is a one-sentence description of what StoryAI is a service to accomplish.

"A platform where creators can create while building a community with end users."

This seems to be the best fit at the moment. On a personal note, I am now 37 years old, and I can see the turning point of my life, 40 years old. In terms of the laws of mythology, I think this can be described as Act 2, Section 6: Trials, Companions, and Adversaries.

We are in the middle of verse 6, with the Central Crisis just around the corner, and the next verse 7, "Approaching the Most Dangerous Place," is about to begin. (For more information, see GIGAZINE: "All stories in movies and novels follow the same rules" theory)

I have never really felt that I have lived to accomplish anything. It seems that everything was left to others in my life. However, at the age of 33, I created my first company, at 34 I became officially independent, at 36 I created a product, and here I stand today.

I really think that willpower is amazing, and I'm a little surprised that even I can do this with my friends if I do a little. Until then, I had only been able to accomplish the Project because of some interest, but everyone was asking me about my philosophy of action. I used to think that aspirations didn't exist, but I realized once again that they didn't.

I'm 37 years old and I think I'm really starting to have willpower. Unlike sports, management is the ultimate competition, full open and equal for all generations in all disciplines. There are no excuses. Results are everything.

So, it is important to challenge yourself in your 30s or 40s without giving up because you couldn't do your best in your 20s. At that time, I thought I should live humbly. All people are equal. We need to respect each other and live with each other.

And entertainment and the arts, like management, are neither proportional nor inversely proportional to age. They are the fruit of hard work and taste. It is a world where excuses do not work. That is why I believe that a world where we can properly evaluate each other should come. You don't need an excuse to get started.

I'm starting this service to support those who are unable to take the first step. It is also the role of the company Xrosriver to support you. I feel that it is our mission to strive to create a world where we can support each other because it is a world where there are no excuses.

In order to do this, we need to enrich our original content, and we need a lot of materials. We also need AI support because arbitrary human evaluation also reduces creativity. There are so many things that need to be done, and I'm trying to figure out where to start to make users happy and how to pick up the voices of the voiceless. So, I would be happy to receive your frank opinions.